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I’m a graphic designer out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Through the last 10 years I’ve worked in print, web, marketing, and more. I love the challenge of clearly and efficiently communicating ideas. I’m always interested in freelance work or free work if you have a helpful project.

More details are available on my resume here.

Hot Sauce!

After a few years of always wanting to make my own hot sauce I finally did it! In late 2017 I used a few bags of locally grown peppers to create a sauce. I choose to use a habanero base for all of the sauces and added ghost peppers, Jamaican peppers, long reds, and lemon drops to the main batch. Other ingredients were black pepper, carrots, garlic,  and a small amount of vinegar. 

Fermenting the peppers cuts a substantial amount of the heat and raises the PH level to help maintain the shelf life. Using both the fermentation process and adding vinegar I was able to make a sauce that would be shelf stable for years. 

Fermenting jars!

Fermenting jars! I loved the color on these.

An alternate label.

An alternate label.


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